Black Knight squash balls are manufactured in England to meet or exceed the standards set by the World Squash Federation, and have been selected for numerous tournaments up to the professional level.

The Black Knight squash ball is available in two speeds, indicated by the dot markings on the balls. A blue dot indicates the fastest speed, recommended for novice players or play on very cold courts. A single yellow dot indicates the medium speed - these are the most widely used in North America.
Weight 23.5 à 24.5 g. 24.0 g.
Size 39.5 à 40.5 mm 40 mm
Seam strength 6 N/mm 6 N/mm (min.)


Whether played with nylon or feather birds, the game of badminton is defined by the unique flight characteristics of the rapidly spinning and rapidly decelerating shuttlecock. Black Knight manufactures nylon and feather shuttlecocks, both to the highest possible standard. In fact, Black Knight feather shuttlecocks were used in the 1999 Canada Winter Games and are used in numerous top tournaments throughout Canada. Black Knight nylon shuttlecocks have official status with several provincial badminton associations. The term "speed" refers to how far a shuttlecock will travel when struck with a standard force, "further" being considered "faster". Due to differences of air resistance related to altitude, humidity and temperature, the same shuttlecock will have a different "speed" at different locations. At Black Knight we refer to the speeds as follows:
Canadian standard speed, suitable for most locations in Canada, High altitude, low humiditylocations.
Canadian standard speed, suitable for most locations in Canada, High altitude, low humiditylocations.

Control 2000 (Nylon)
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This revolutionary shuttlecock allows players to adjust the speed easily without damage (patent pending). Each Control 2000 shuttlecock initially flies at the "Vancouver" standard speed, but incorporates 3 precisely weighted tapes around the cork. Players can reduce the speed by up to two feet (in 8 inch stages), by removing the tapes, or can increase the speed by adding tapes. The tapes have no effect on performance, only on speed. This adjustment can be made as necessary at the start of play, or later during play if the bird has become too fast. With its rapid spin and precise flight, the Control 2000 is an all around excellent performer, whether playing delicate shots at the net, or smashing with full force.
Speed: Vancouver -adjustable
Packaging: Tubes of 6
Colour: White, optic yellow

Black Knight "Firebird 3000", "Firebird 6000", "Firebird 6600"and "Firebird 7000"
Premium tournament grade shuttlecock, made to the highest standards with only the best feathers. Each Firebird 6000 shuttlecock is tested twice to insure proper speed and perfect flight.
Speed: 75 and 78 grains.
Packaging: Tubes of 12 shuttlecocks

Firebird 300 and 600 (Nylon)
Tournament performance in a rugged cork based nylon shuttlecock.
Speed: Firebird 300: Vancouver & Calgary. Firebird 600: Calgary seulement.
Packaging: Tubes of 3 (Firebird 300) or Tubes of 6 (Firebird 600).
Colour: White, optic yellow

Firebird 200 (Nylon)
Designed primarily for institutional use, and priced to please buyers. Features a durable foam base which doesn't damage strings and a durable nylon cage designed for rapid rotation and accurate flight.
Speed: Vancouver & Calgary.
Packaging: Tubes of 6
Couleurs: White, optic yellow