25LE  Quicksilver CXX
Frame: Quartz-Carbon, Carbon 4, High Modulus Graphite and Titanium. TUF Re-Grip grip wrap.
String: Ashaway SuperNick Ti*
String Tension: 25-29 lbs.
Rigidity: RF-88
Average frame weight: 125 g.
Dynamic Weight: 115
String area: 487 sq.cm.
Characteristics: Incredibly light, yet stiffer and with lower vibration than the 2120 Quartz CXX, the 25LE Quicksilver was created as a limited edition, numbered series to celebrate Black Knight's 25th anniversary.  Integrating bands of Quartz fibres with Carbon4 and titanium throughout the frame, lightness is preserved, stiffness is increased, vibration almost eliminated, and the sweet spot enlarged. The Quicksilver CXX is an outstanding choice for both hard hitters and control  players. An embroidered racquet bag, with 3 compartments, is included.
Type of player: Advanced to professional.