The Dynamic Weight (DW) versus Average Frame Weight (AFW)?

Black Knight has adopted two complementary standards which relate to racquet weight and balance. As the numbers refer to an average per model, there can be a small variation from racquet to racquet.

· Average Frame Weight(AFW): In squash this is the average weight of the racquet without string and grommet strip. The same standard is used for all BK squash models. In badminton, AFW is the average weight of the model, unstrung.

· Dynamic Weight(DW): Applicable only to squash racquets at this time, DW is an index derived from relating frame weight to overall balance. It is not a measure in grams. Generally, comparing one racquet to another, the higher the DW, the more weight the racquet has in the head. With a lower number, look for less weight in the head compared to another model. The extent to which the dynamic weight of a model is higher or lower than its average frame weight indicates to what extent the racquet is balanced towards the head (higher) or handle (lower). A light racquet with a head heavy balance could have the same DW as a heavy racquet with a light balance, because the weight in the head will be similar.