SQUASH RACQUETS (non-institutional use)

BK squash racquets are covered by two warranties:

The first is a 45 day "No Fault" warranty, covering racquets which:
· are broken, whether defective or not, and
· are at most 45 days old
Registration of purchase within 7 days, return of the broken racquet by the owner, prepaid and postmarked within 45 days of purchase, proof of purchase and the warranty receipt, are all required.

The second warranty (90 days) is based on inspection of a broken racquet, and determination of whether or not the breakage was due to an inherent defect. Given the nature of the game of squash, the longer a racquet has been in use, the more likely that the break is due to one or more incidents on court (hitting walls being most common). This added coverage is available for 90 days from the date of purchase.

To benefit from the "No-Fault" warranty, the steps outlined on the squash guarantee cards must be followed. That is:
A. The customer must register his purchase within 7 days by returning the completed right-hand portion of his guarantee card to the address on the card. The card must be signed and dated by the retailer at the time of purchase in order to be valid.
B. In the event of breakage within 45 days of purchase, the customer must return, prepaid, the left-hand portion of the guarantee card, his original, dated bill of sale, and the racquet to one of the following:

Black Knight Sales (Canada) Ltd.
3062 Beta Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5G 4K4


1090 Pratt, Montreal, Qc, H2V 2V2

Under the 90 day warranty, the racquet must be returned, prepaid, for inspection within 90 days of purchase, with proof of purchase, to either BK office listed above.

With proof of purchase, these can be returned prepaid to either of the addresses shown above, for inspection, within 6 months of purchase, except for the 753 Endurance Ti for which the warranty period is one year.

With proof of purchase, these can be returned prepaid to either of the addresses shown above, for inspection, within 4 months of purchase,

We recommend that you consider the following before actually sending a racquet back for inspection:
A. Is the problem with the racquet obviously due to an unusual impact or force (look for dents on the frame)? If so, replacement will be refused.
B. Is the racquet one which had earlier been received as a replacement? If so, another replacement will be refused for consideration unless we receive proof of the date of the original purchase, and of the date of the previous replacement. As the owner has already had the benefit of one replacement, warranty criteria are more exacting when the returned racquet is itself a repalcement.


Black Knight Aquatics backs up our top quality Canadian made swim goggles with an exceptional warranty - 6 months of unconditional coverage.

If any defect occurs within six months following purchase, return the Black Knight Aquatics swim goggles and proof of purchase, at your expense, to Black Knight Aquatics at 3062 Beta Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5G 4K4 or 1090 Pratt, Montreal, Qc, H2V 2V2 .

Be sure to include a return address and phone number.

Providing the return falls within the guarantee period, Black Knight will ship back either the goggles repaired, or a new pair of goggles.

Note: 6 month guarantee applies to original purchase only.


· Whenever returning a racquet for inspection, do not return the cover.
· Dealers are STRONGLY ADVISED NOT to issue replacements to their customers until the return has been approved following our inspection and the replacement racquet has been received.
· All returns MUST be shipped prepaid. If approved, the replacement will be shipped back prepaid by Black Knight.
· Broken racquets not replaced will NOT be returned unless specifically requested within 30 days of our reply.
· The replacement item is not similarly guaranteed.